Leah Schmitt

Physical Therapy

Hands-on therapy in Chicago and Pittsburgh

What I Do

Specializing in treating a wide range of patients with different needs, my treatment is always one-on-one, hands-on and specific to the needs of each individual. Some of my key services include:

Functional Manual Therapy

An integrated evaluation and treatment system that promotes optimum performance by enhancing total body mobility and CoreFirst® postural and movement strategies

Functional Dry Needling

Locate and treat trigger points in muscles to relieve pain and improve range of motion and muscular function using a thin filament needle

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Treatment of the pelvic girdle and muscles of the pelvic floor  to address pain and dysfunction in both men and women

Visceral Mobilization

Evaluate and treatment of organ mobility and imbalances as it relates to  musculoskeletal, vascular, nervous, urogenital, respiratory, digestive and lymphatic dysfunction. 

Neural Mobilization

Addresses restrictions of the dural and neural components not commonly focused on with musculoskeletal symptoms

Wondering why you have been to several doctors, therapists, etc. without getting the results that you are looking for?

They may be looking too narrow…

Whole Body Approach

During your evaluation and subsequent visits, I will look at the entire body and how everything is relating to each other to find the source of pain and dysfunction as opposed to just addressing the symptoms. 

When tissues become inflamed, they lose their normal motion. This includes muscles, fascia, joints, nervous tissue and viscera. They can all be involved and effect neuromuscular and motor control and create postural inefficiencies and therefore need to be addressed.

We are not just joints or muscles or nerves or fascia and therefore I do not focus on just one system. We need all of our systems to function appropriately and in relation to each other for optimal performance and therefore I consider and treat all systems as they relate to one another. 


  • Use an eclectic approach to address pain and dysfunction
  • Observe posture, movement patterns and how the body is effected by outside pressures and forces
  • Patient education to understand the root of your body’s aches and pains
  • Restructure imbalances, release restrictions, restore freedom of movement
  • Facilitate and re-educate muscles for improved neuromuscular and motor control


One on one manual therapy or “body work”

Integrating treatment of the soft tissue, joint, neurovascular and visceral system to promote efficient movement and posturing, optimize performance and decrease pain.

Meet Dr. Leah

I’ve been treating patients since 2010. My mission as a physical therapist has always been to get people back to what they love to do and to help bodies move and function as efficiently as possible. I have a passion for figuring out complex puzzles and giving my all to those who have been turned away elsewhere and/or suffer from chronic pain. I am constantly amazed by what our bodies and humans themselves are capable of and enjoy exploring beyond “limitations” both for me and my patients. 

Ready to feel your best?

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